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Restorative Yoga: Healing from the Inside Out

Sunday, December 31st 2-4pm, The Willow House, Bloomington, IN

Unwind the bodymind and awaken well-being during this in-depth exploration of restorative yoga, emotional aromatherapy and meditation.

For beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, this practice will be shear pleasure.  The restorative poses provide an ideal foundation for meditative healing and your experience deepens with the support of massage and emotional aromatherapy.

Partner support in Wheel Pose

Free Info Session for the NHY Teacher Training Program Spring 2018

Saturday, Jan 20th 11:45am, The Willow House,  Bloomington, IN

Join Matece from 11:45am-12:45pm on Saturday, November 18th at the Willow House and learn about the Nourishing Heart Yoga teacher training program.

Natarajasana Pose

Weekly Yoga Classes at the Willow House

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Matece Skow Yoga

Restorative Yoga and Healing Sound Immersion

Sunday, December 10 from 2-4pm, Touchstone Yoga, Bloomington, IN

Join Matece and Janiece Jaffe for a remarkably soothing and uplifting afternoon of practices designed to help you completely unwind and relax. You will be skillfully guided through gentle yoga poses while the tranquil vibrations of crystal bowls provide a peaceful air. Restorative yoga, healing sound immersion and essential oils are powerful catalysts for soothing the nervous system, allowing the precious gifts of stillness, deep rest, self-love and compassion to naturally arise from within.

“It is by surrendering the limitations of its own banks that a river becomes the mighty ocean; do not be afraid to throw away the trinkets of your ego to gain the diamond of grace.”

~Swami Veda

Practice Online

Practice Online

Practice yoga online at your own convenience! Matece offers over 25 yoga and meditation classes online.


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