Hiking Yoga: Ether

Inner Spaciousness

JesiJoy Conger

Sunday, September 30th, 3 - 5pm

Join Nourishing Heart Yoga on a journey into the woods to practice yoga amongst the elements!

The last of five hikes, yoga instructor JesiJoy has led on different trails around our beloved Monroe County.

Ether: Inner Spaciousness

Powell Preserve

Deep spaciousness and a conscious awareness of the oneness of all. Ether is the container for everything that is. It is pure possibility and potential. It feels like stillness, freedom, and awareness. Spaciousness is both a cause and the result of a blissful yoga practice and life. It supports and fuels transformation by providing a place for the magic to happen. Creating space requires discipline, but experiencing it is pure freedom. Cultivate deep stillness and bliss with the tools of mantra, contemplation, and silence.




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Powell Preserve

An email will be sent to participants with detailed information regarding directions, carpooling, what to bring, etc.