Hiking Yoga: Fire

Purify & Engage your life

JesiJoy Conger

Sunday, July 22 5-7pm

Join Nourishing Heart Yoga on a journey into the woods to practice yoga amongst the elements!

Throughout the summer, yoga instructor JesiJoy will lead five hikes on five different trails around our beloved Monroe County.

FIRE: Purify & Engage your Life

Jackson Creek Trail

Yellowwood Forest

Cultivate discipline, transformation, and inspiration through practices of purification. The fire in our practice is experienced as intensity and abundance. The heat and energy created is the result of the action, dedication and focus put into our practice. Ultimately, our fire delivers purification. It creates insight that allows us to see and engage with what’s important and burn up what no longer serves our highest good. Lighting the fire in our yoga practice is all about engaging bandhas and moving outward from our center. Fire lives in the belly–our center of power, intuition, and freedom. The use of our core muscles connects us to the spark at the center of who we are, and engaging the bandhas helps us keep the fire burning.




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