Yoga Nidra II: 15 Hour Intensive

Yulia Azriel

October 26th - 28th, 2018

40 Hour Basic Yoga Nidra Facilitator Certification

Building upon the skills from Yoga Nidra I, we will pair introspective teachings in the areas of recovery from sleep debt, relaxation and rejuvenation from the effects of stress, self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance with Yoga Nidra experiences designed to initiate shifts from beyond the conscious mind.

You will be creating your own intentions and will learn how to use intention in Yoga Nidra.  You will receive guidance on how to lead Yoga Nidra and will leave this training with two scripts and a list of intentions  designed to help you guide others into regenerating states from where the body can emerge rested, healthy and whole – ready to be in life once again.  

By completing the program, participants will be able to:

  •  Use Yoga Nidra as a stand-alone technique for individuals
  •  Guide others through Yoga Nidra in yoga classes
  • Use Yoga Nidra in coordination with any healing modality

Participants will receive a Basic Yoga Nidra Facilitator manual as well as Yoga Nidra scripts for three different practices.

Upon completion of Yoga Nidra I and II and the required homework, participants will be certified as Basic Yoga Nidra Facilitators by Gentle Heart Wellness and the Amrit Yoga Institute.

This training qualifies you for further training in the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. 

15 Elective hours eligible for the Nourishing Heart 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program.

Recommended Reading:

Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep, Kamini Devi


  • Friday,  October 26th | 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, October 27th | 12pm – 6pm
  • Sunday, October 28th | 10am – 4pm

Certification Requirements

  • Complete both Yoga Nidra I and Yoga Nidra II.
  • Record your own Yoga Nidra practice of 20-45 minutes in duration.  Submit for review.
  • 6 Hours of participation in Yoga Nidra with a teacher.  Yulia’s Blissful Rejuvenation Retreats and her Tuesday night Meditation in Motion class at the Willow House will count, as well as time with other teachers.
  • 4 Hours of participation in recorded Yoga Nidra sessions from online sources, you tube, or your own recording.
  • Submit written feedback for all 10 hours of practice sessions.


EARLY BIRD$225 ( by October 5th )


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