Practice Online

What better place to nourish your heart than in the comfort of your own home?

Join me for online yoga classes and meditations designed to help you soften, relax and unwind.  Practice at your own pace, on your schedule, and at an affordable price.

I am happy to offer over 25 gentle, yin, and restorative yoga practices and meditations with Grokker.  Below, you will find the introduction to the Nourishing Heart Yoga Series as well as view two complete practices for you to enjoy for free.

The Nourishing Heart Yoga Series is a combination of short, simple meditations and yoga postures which I designed for exploration of Love in the many ways it expresses itself through the heart.

Each segment is short and accessible for anyone and combines meditation, breath work, and yoga postures which range from from Slow Flow to Restorative.  The segments build upon each other; done in order will create a thorough exploration of the heart.  The segments also may be done individually and are whole and complete experiences in and of themselves.

Each one of these segments holds a special key to unlocking the heart.  Surrender, Forgiveness, Fearlessness and Loving Kindness are our themes and each of them hold potent healing potential.

Enjoy these two complimentary yoga classes!

Yin Yoga for the Lower Back is created to provide therapeutic support for chronic lower back issues.  Move slowly to gently open and stretch the low back, while mindfully directing the breath into these meditative poses.

Restorative Yoga for Better Sleep was designed to be done right in your bed!  Unwind the nervous system, relax the body, and fall blissfully to sleep.  Tip:  Lavender essential oil supports a good night’s sleep.  Massage into the bottoms of the feet or the back of the wrists!