Yoga Classes

Weekly Classes in Bloomington, IN

The Willow House is a small, private studio retreat right in town.  Matece holds weekly classes at the Willow House on a drop-in basis.  The Willow House can be quite challenging to find your first time, so be sure to read the directions below.

The current schedule and detailed directions to the Willow House are available HERE.

Schedule a Private Session with Matece

Matece offers a variety of support in private sessions. Bodywork, private yoga and mentorship, as well as essential oil consultation and education.

Yoga privates are a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of the varied aspects of yoga as they pertain to your unique body and goals.

60 min $60
90 min $90

New Students:  Many times, students who are brand new to yoga prefer to work with Matece individually, to familiarize themselves with the practice before heading into a public class.  Matece can help you feel confident in learning the foundations of yoga and, more importantly, teach you to adapt the poses to your body.

Seasoned Practitioners:  Even when you have been practicing yoga for many years, there may be aspects of the practice which you may have questions about.  A yoga private is a great way to focus in on areas of the practice that are puzzling or unclear.  This may be particular poses, working with an injury, or a deeper exploration into the aspects of yoga not often taught in public classes such as chanting, breath work, philosophy and more.

Yoga Private Lesson
Yoga Mentorship

Mentorship for Yoga Teachers
Matece offers mentorship to current yoga teachers who are looking for education and inspiration on their teaching path.  At this time, mentorships are created on an individual basis, though a more formalized program will be available soon.  Matece will speak with you regarding the areas of teaching where you would like support, then develop a program specific for you.  Areas of study include, but aren’t limited to:   hands on assists, chanting, pranayama, creating a nurturing environment, finding your true voice, philosophy and more.

60 min $70
90 min $105

Nourishing Flow

Starting with breath and intention, this class flows gracefully into standing poses spiced up with some core work and strengthening poses to prepare you for inspired openings on the floor. All levels; this class meets you where you are.

Nourishing Flow

A slower paced class which is great for beginners as well as students seeking a more introspective approach to their yoga practice with deep stretching and mindful breathing.

This alignment based class develops the awareness and strength of the body.  In each class we workshop an area of the practice, helping students to integrate proper postural alignment and understanding of the “how’s” and “why’s” of yoga practice — as it relates to each unique body.

This class moves along with the breath.  Expect a faster pace, strong poses, core work and arm balances.  The last part of the class is spent on the floor, developing flexibility and mindfulness before soothing the nervous system in final relaxation.  Options are always given for modification, and permission to move along at your own pace, so participation in this class is open to everyone.

Yin Yoga
This class provides deep stretches for the hips, legs and spine, held for periods of up to 5 minutes, to challenge the mind to surrender and allow the body to open.  Instruction is given to develop an ability to stay in the present moment, mindful of the breath and body sensations.

This Taoist form of yoga works with the meridian channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It has a similar effect as an acupuncture session, helping to balance the chi, or subtle energy of the body.  Open to all levels.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative is pure bliss and relaxation.  Postures are on the floor, supported with props for gentle, therapeutic release of tension.  Poses are held for long periods of time; up to 20 minutes, allowing the nervous system to completely unwind.

Perfect for anyone in need of healing or recovery from stressful life conditions, trauma, injury, surgery or major change.   The restorative poses provide an ideal foundation for meditative healing and your experience deepens with the support of massage and emotional aromatherapy.

Matece Skow Yoga
Matece Skow Yoga

“Matece is one of the kindest and wisest people I have ever had the good fortune of working with.”

“Matece’s gentle loving spirit has guided me further than I could have imagined. As I’ve calmed my breath, I’ve strengthened my body, cleared my mind and opened my heart.”

“Thank you for all your knowledge and LOVE Matece Skow. You shine the essence of giving and receiving. Bless up!”