Thai Yoga Therapy

Level 1 20 Hour Intensive Training

Matece Skow

Begins October 28

Thai Yoga Therapy Level 1 20 Hour Intensive

Learn a spirited and useful sequence that relieves tension in the feet, legs, back, shoulders, and head.  Students will learn a 60-minute sequence incorporating techniques in supine, prone, and side-lying positions and have time to practice the full sequence. We’ll develop proper body mechanics to be efficient and safe in the work as well as explore the spirit of Thai massage as a meditation practice.

This 4-day training is designed to be accessible for everyone; no prior massage or yoga experience is necessary. Sign up alone or with a friend, and together you will get an enjoyable introduction to Thai Yoga Therapy principles and techniques that will leave you feeling balanced and connected with a refreshing dose of healing and joy!

This Level 1 Course teaches you a complete 60 minute Thai Yoga Therapy form.

Level 1 Course content and outline:
  • Background and Philosophy of Thai massage
  • Theoretical Foundations and Spirit of Thai Massage
  • Contraindications and safety
  • Movement Principles – the working stances and breathing techniques
  • Body mechanics and massage techniques using the hands, knees, feet, and elbow
  • Massage for shoulders, head, back, arms, hands, legs, and feet

The Level 1 course teaches a full body 60-minute Thai Yoga Therapy flow, in addition to introducing the basic techniques and setting the foundation for a more advanced study.


The training manual is included complete with clear descriptions and photographs of all the postures.


This course is open to anyone who is in good health.  No prior massage or yoga experience required. It is strongly recommended to take the Intro to Thai Yoga Therapy 2 hour workshop, but not required.


5% Savings when signing up with a friend

Returning Students may retake the course with a 50% discount.

Limited to 8 students.

Friday, October 28 5 – 9pm
Saturday, October 29 12 – 7pm
Sunday, October 30 12 – 4pm
Friday, November 2 6 – 8 pm



Nourishing Heart Yoga Studio

582 E Hillside Drive

Bloomington, IN 47401